We congratulate Cheryl A. Rhoten for being named as a PTAR “Employee of the Year” for 2008.


Our “Employee of the Year” is selected through a voting process by all of our members, which makes the award especially meaningful to the recipient.

As PTAR Chief Paula Lineberry presented the awards she said, “This is something that is not a popularity contest. It is something that goes to a very deserving individual, or individuals, and I think it’s a very high honor to be voted Employee of the Year by your own peers.”

She said, “This particular year it was very, very close, and it’s very hard for me to break a tie. So, we have two awards.”

In introducing the second recipient, she said “The word that describes this person in my mind is ‘dedication’. This person is very dedicated to this agency.”

Chief Lineberry continued by saying, “This person understands the trials and tribulations of life, because this person has experienced many in their life over the course of the last few years. This person is conscientious, and takes very good care of the patients, as well. They go the extra mile to make sure the job is well done. This person’s personality is very unique. And I say that with the utmost respect – very unique. And I think when I tell you who it is, you’ll agree with me. This person is well liked by their peers. A lot of the patients call in and want to be transported by this person. This person goes the extra mile. I’ve known this person for a number of years. In fact, I was this person’s patient one time… I was scared to death!”

In concluding the introduction, Chief Lineberry said, “I think this person knows who she is… The one with the unique personality… Cheryl Rhoten.”

This award recognizes Cheryl’s hard work, devotion to her job, and outstanding job performance throughout 2008. It also speaks highly
of her ability to work well with her coworkers as a team player.

In addition, this award acknowledges Cheryl’s training achievements, certifications and job knowledge, all of which she continually strives to increase and improve upon.